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The Whisperers 

In this section you will find an introduction to each of the selected families - almost half the total cohort giving interviews and archives to the project with Memorial. Some families did not want to be included in the digital archive (though their papers may be found in the archives of Memorial); others were excluded because of lack of space.

The introduction provides biographical information about the main members of each family (the names of those who were interviewed are in bold). It also gives a resumé of the main themes discussed in the interviews and a brief description of the family archive (a complete listing of the documents in Russian can be found in the Archives section).

Many of the families that featured in The Whisperers may be found here: Golovina (Znamenskaia), Nikiforova, Delibash, Bushueva, Tikhanova, Malygina (Feofilaktova), Vitkevich, Fursei, Kuznetsova, Kovach, Muravsky, Poloz, Sirman, Timofeeva, Lileev, Netto, Volkova, Garmash, Rodak, Adasinskaya, Novoseltseva, Nevskaia, Mehshalkin, Saltykov, Streletskii, Faivisovich (Mikueva), Taisina, Tetiueva, Uglitskikh, Ozemblovskaia, Kropotina, Trubina and Turkina. Other families that featured in The Whisperers were not part of the project with Memorial (for example, Simonov-Laskin, Golovnia, Slavin, Vittenburg) and their private archives have not been included here.


The Family Histories

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